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Rebuilding the shop stats database

Hi — we are rebuilding the shop stats and item count databases, in order to have the full historical data available to sellers.

This requires that item counts and statistics be reset, which means that the shop stats pages won’t be accurate for the duration of the rebuild.

We’ll let you know here once the work is done, and the stats are reliable again.

In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us,


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Testing shop stats views

Hi — we’re looking into fixing the shops stats views, and as part of this, we’re going to try rebuilding the monthly view data over the next 10 days. We’ve deleted the shop monthly views data today, so that particular graph will show a flatline.

The script to rebuild the data will start tonight, so you should start seeing something in there from tomorrow, and we’ll build back through time over the next 10 days.

Our hope is that this rebuild will fix the issues we’ve been seeing, but if it doesn’t we’ll be generating very detailed logs of the rebuild that should help us to diagnose any errors that appear to creep in.

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we look into this.


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Issues with view counts on preview of shop stats page

There was an issue with the shop stats page, whereby items that were copied from pre-existing items were getting the view counts copied across with them. This led to an inflated view count for the new item.
We’ve fixed the bug on item copying, now, and a script is running that should fix the falsely high view counts that have already been spotted.
Thanks very much to the eagle-eyed Folksy users who spotted this in the preview of the stats page — it’s really appreciated!

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