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Service Outage

We just experienced an outage to service due to an overloaded server. We’re still investigating the exact cause, however service is now restored. The outage lasted for approximately 20 minutes. We’re keeping an eye on the service to ensure no further problems.


Service outage

We just experienced high load on one of our servers which led to intermittent service over the course of the last hour, some customers will have seen error pages and long load times if they reached the affected server.


Server Reboot and Service Outage

We just had to reboot one of the servers in the Folksy cluster, we’re not 100% sure why it hung at the moment but we’ll be adding some more reporting in over the next few days so we can diagnose the issue if it occurs again. Outage for customers hitting that particular server was approx 5 minutes.


Server Outage

One of the servers in the folksy cluster stopped serving approximately three hours ago. Customers may have had issues accessing the service if they attempted to access this server.

UPDATE : The issue is now fixed and monitoring in place to ensure it doesn’t occur again.  We’d disabled the alerting earlier in the day due to the db load issue, we failed to re-enable it for this server.