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Update on the Folksy issues of the last couple of days

Hi — just an update of where we’re at with the Folksy updates.

Upon investigation, it looks like our database service is no longer handling the number of calls that are being generated for it.

To fix this, we’re looking at increasing the bandwidth of that service, or maybe rebuilding a bigger, better database. We’ll see which looks like the better option as we investigate the ramifications of each.

Until that is completed (should be a day or two’s work), we’ve increased the cache times of some services (like the services that generate the smorgasbord on the front page) to reduce the number of database calls. We’ve also disabled some callbacks, like the ones that highlight items you have loved, to the same end.

Those services we’ve disabled will be getting re-enabled some time tonight, so we should be running with a full service very soon.

Those services whose cache times have been increased will stay at the increased levels until we have the better database solution in place.

Once again, we’re really sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused to everyone whilst we’ve had these problems.

Thanks for being so supportive and patient with us, it really is appreciated.


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Folksy in maintenance mode due to database issues

Hi — we’re having database connectivity issues that we’re currently investigating, so have had to go into maintenance mode whilst we investigate the problem.

We’re sorry about the inconvenience, and we’ll keep you posted as we try to resolve this as quickly as we can.



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Slow service and outage

We’ve experienced some slow response times and an outage earlier today due to the Folksy database servers being overloaded.  We’ll be migrating onto a new database cluster in a scheduled maintenance period which should alleviate these problems as part of our ongoing upgrades to the service.  The mainteance will begin at midnight tonight (00:00 3rd Nov 09) and last for approximately an hour.

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