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Folksy running slow

We’ve experienced a couple of periods of slow running over the last 30 minutes or so. This appears to be due to increased load to the site. To mitigate the problem we’ve disabled the forums temporarily and we’ll enable them again later on tonight when the load on the site has reduced. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Some people having problems with Folksy appearing to be down

Hi — Folksy seems to be appearing down for some people.

This is due to an improper item that was deleted, rather than suspended as it should have been. This is entirely my fault, sorry.

The quick fix for this problem is to visit the logout link on Folksy:

This will log you out of Folksy, and should then allow you to log back in normally.

Sorry for any inconvenience,


Folksy Forum Changes

We’ll be making some configuration changes to the forums today.  Customers shouldn’t experience any problems whilst these are ongoing, but please let us know if you experience any slowdown or problems accessing the forums today.

Folksy server updates, 2011/06/01 00:00

Hi — we’ll be running a couple of updates on the servers at midnight tonight. As usual, we’ll aim to keep any disruption to a minimum, but please be aware that there may be service interruptions for around half an hour after the updates have run.



Folksy servers having some issues

Hi, you probably have noticed that Folksy is having some issues. We’re looking into those at this moment, and are seeking to minimise disruption to the service.

Thanks for bearing with us, and we’ll keep you posted.


Folksy forums outage, 2011/03/30 10:45(ish)

Hi — you may have noticed a forums outage at around quarter to eleven, just now.

This has been resolved with a server reboot.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for bearing with us,


Folksy search temporarily not picking up older items

Hi — as you may know from my earlier posts, today, we’ve had problems with the search index for Folksy.

Initially, these caused problems with a number of areas.

We’ve fixed this to the point where people should be able to list and buy items again.

Now we need to rebuild the search index, and will be doing this tonight at midnight, as it takes a while & requires the site to be down.

Until then, older items (ie, any created before 16:55ish today) will not appear in any searches from the search box at the top of the site.

Shops, categories, and tags can still be browsed in the normal way.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and thankyou for bearing with us.


Issues with the Folksy search index

Hi — we’re currently having issues with the search index on Folksy, which we are working to fix.

Unfortunately, this means that a number of activities like listing items aren’t currently working.

We are looking to get this fixed as soon as possible, and in the meantime are very sorry for any inconvenience.

We’ll keep you posted as to how we get along.



Tag search disabled

We’ve temporarily disabled the tag search views on Folksy as the service is receiving high traffic levels to these views which were causing interruptions to service. We’ll be re-enabling them later on, when the traffic has reduced.  We are continuing to deploy improvements to the service to manage the high traffic levels we are currently experiencing.

Update : We also temporarily disabled the ability to list new items for a period of about 15 minutes, affected customers will have received a message to this effect.  Both listing and tag search limitations have now been removed.



Servers just reloaded

Hi — we just pushed an update to the site to help it deal with the seasonal traffic. It was quick, and shouldn’t have been too much of an inconvenience for anyone, but our apologies to anyone who did see an error screen, just then.