Images back up, still waiting for full explanation

Hello — I’m really sorry about the images being down — they’re back up, now.

Our image service is hosted with Amazon and I’ve been on the phone with one of their engineers who was trying to fix it.

They’re currently having some issues with their infrastructure and that was the cause of the image service outage. He couldn’t tell me more than that for the time being as apparently all of their top-tier engineers were working to fix whatever issue they are having.

He was, however, able to get things working in our case so the images are back up, now.

Whilst I was on the phone to the engineer I’ve made a start on creating an alternative architecture for the images service that I could deploy in case something like this happens again. I’m going to carry on with that work, now, so that we have something we can get in place relatively quickly in case there was another issue with their internal systems that we couldn’t do anything about. Not that the engineer said there would be but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’ll let you know here when Amazon get back to me with more information about the issues they were having.

In the meantime, we’re up again — and again, my apologies for the outage.


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