Monthly fee notifications going out twice

Hi — our monthly fees generation task ran twice concurrently this month, sorry. This is because it was moved to a new, dedicated machine but still managed to run from the old location, too.

This means that some people will have received two notification emails, with at least one person reporting that the second email had no fees data in it.

It also meant that some people who paid their fees were seeing them as still unpaid in their dashboard for a brief period early this morning.

Nobody paid twice — that’s not possible.

We’ve fixed the issue, now, and everything is back to normal: those who paid can see that they have paid successfully and those that haven’t yet paid can do so normally.

We’re really sorry for any confusion the extra email will have caused anybody affected, and for any alarm caused when paid bills were showing as unpaid in the seller dashboard.

I hope the fact that we were able to fix things quickly helps.

Thanks so much to those sellers who let us know about the issue so quickly, and thank you everyone for your patience whilst we sorted it,


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