Folksy outage at 17:20

Hi — we had an outage at 17:20 that lasted for around half an hour, whilst we investigated and fixed the issue.

The issue turned out to be a few queries that were really dragging the database down. These queries were called from the homepage, so had a bad effect on the performance of the whole site, rendering it all but inaccessible to some users.

We’ve done a quick fix on one of these queries, and removed the calls to the others, and the site is back up and performant, now. We’re looking into fixing the queries so that this shouldn’t happen again — the investigation of this issue has shown us a pretty good way to approach this, and we’re on with this as our next job.

We’re really sorry to anyone who couldn’t access the site whilst we were having these difficulties, and do apologise for any inconvenience. And offer, as ever, our thanks for your patience whilst we fix these issues that crop up from time to time.



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