Timeout issues with third party services (like email), affecting orders

Hi — we’re having some problems with some calls to third party services randomly timing out. This is causing some timeouts in turn on the Folksy stack, particularly with actions that generate emails.
A result of this appears to be that some orders are completing, but then timing out before the buyer can pay. If buyers experience any errors during checkout, Registered users should please firstly check their Purchases (https://folksy.com/myprofile/bought), where a payment link should be available alongside the order. Guest buyers can contact Support for a payment link, or the seller can send a Paypal invoice directly to the buyer’s email address for payment.
We’re aware that this is far from ideal, and are working with our new hosts to try to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, and will keep you posted as to progress.
Sorry to anyone who is experiencing difficulties due to this, and please be assured that we’re doing our best to get it sorted.

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