Some people not able to access Folksy or the Forums, still

Hi. Some people are not seeing either Folksy or the forums, this morning.
It looks like this is because the changes to the nameservers that we made a couple of nights ago haven’t propagated everywhere, yet, so some people are still seeing the old servers (which are either in maintenance mode, or no longer serving).
We expected that this propagation to take 6 to 24 hours, but it’s looking like we should have given it a day or so more.
Some people have reported being able to access the site after clearing their internet cache, but if that doesn’t work, it will be a matter of waiting.
I apologise to anyone still unable to access the site. We’re raising a ticket with our nameserver hosts, but aside from that, there’s really not anything we can do except wait for the nameserver changes to propagate fully.
So I am really sorry about that. I’ll update the maintenance page displaying, now, to point at this status post, and in the meantime, can only offer my apologies to anyone affected.

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