A few hours downtime on Wednesday night (23:00), and possible issues the following day

Hello. We’re going to be transferring Folksy to be hosted on the EC2 platform, this week. This is something that we’ve been working on for quite some time, and has taken a large amount of re-engineering of Folksy’s architecture. There are many reasons for making this move, but chief amongst them are the unparalleled opportunities EC2 offers for scaling Folksy up to meet a steadily growing demand, for adapting quickly to spikes in that demand, and for easing the transition of Folksy from a ‘traditional’ monolithic web application to a more distributed set of dynamic services.
It’s a pretty big job that involves taking all of Folksy’s services (web apps, databases, search indices, etc.), with their rebuilt relationships, and transferring them across to the new platform.
We expect to be ready to make the move over to the new platform late on Wednesday night / Thursday morning. We’ve chosen that time to minimise the unavoidable interruption to the service. The actual migration itself could take a few hours, and Folksy will be unavailable for the duration. Naturally, we’ll be working to get everything up and running in time for the next day’s business, and we’ll keep you all posted as to progress on the status blog.
We would be remiss if we did not offer one final note of caution:
Once we’ve got Folksy up and running under full demand again the next day, it’s possible that problems may arise that our testing could not lead us to anticipate. Hopefully, we’d be able to deal with any such issues as they occur, with a minimum of inconvenience to users. In the worst case scenarios, however, they could take time to fix, leading to performance issues, and even service outages whilst they were dealt with.
We have, of course, done our level best to ensure that the migration is a pain-free as possible.
Happily, this sort of large-scale migration event is pretty rare, and once it is completed, it puts us in a great position to get back on with developing and deploying the new features that will take Folksy to the next stage, and beyond.
In the meantime thanks for bearing with us, as ever.

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