Intermittent IE9 listing bug

We’ve had several reports of a rare and/or intermittent bug when creating a listing on Folksy in IE9. For some, the image UI won’t work properly (sometimes not even displaying), accompanied by other features on the page failing (such as the subcategory drop-down menu).

We’ve tried to replicate this issue, but so far have not been able to. On our version of IE9 (Windows 7) the behaviour and layout of the listing form operate as expected.
We will continue to investigate and collect data on the bug, as and when it is reported. However, due to our being unable to replicate the error for now, we can’t as yet estimate a date for a fix to be released.

Folksy supports the current and prior release of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We’ve had few problems with IE9 before and believe it’s a good browser providing a much better experience for browsing websites than it’s predecessor IE8.

However, if you do encounter this issue you could try using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We know that many people like using Internet Explorer and we’ll continue to support IE9 so the suggestion to switch browsers is a short-term solution.

Alternatively here’s a couple of other suggestions to try:

1) Refresh the page (this may lose the information you have entered for the current listing).
2) Ensure that your copy of IE9 is not in compatibility mode. This is done by pressing SHIFT + F12, clicking on “Browser Mode” in the developer tools box that appears, and selecting “Internet Explorer 9”. You can press SHIFT + F12 again to get rid of the developer tools once you’re done.

Advanced users

If you get this error, and are confident enough to try accessing the error information that is generated by your browser, you could try the following:

1) Press SHIFT + F12 to open the developer tools box.
2) Click on the “Console” tab there.
3) Refresh the page to reload any errors that occurred.
4) Copy any errors that appear in the console, and forward them on to support.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope to have corrected this error very soon.

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