Images offline for an hour or so

Hello — you may have noticed that the images have been offline for the last hour or so. This is because the cache serving in front of the image service went offline (typically just after I’d set off home, so I didn’t know about it).
The cache is back online & building quickly, so as people use the site, the images should be reappearing.
I’m really sorry about the time that the images were gone. As you know, we’re building and testing a new image service at the moment, and I can’t overstate how grateful we are for your bearing with us as we do.
Sorry also to those people who listed whilst the service was down. For those items listed, I’m afraid the images are all blank, and will need to be re-uploaded.
We’re monitoring the situation, and will report back more fully once we’re happy that all is well again, but in the meantime — sorry again about the loss of the images, and thankyou *very* much for everyone’s patience whilst we build the new image service.

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