Folksy testing image service again, maintenance mode and slower listings for periods tomorrow

Hi — in response to last week’s testing of the new image service, we’ve made some improvements to the architecture, and would like to test them again for a while tomorrow.
Firstly, this will involve the site going into maintenance mode whilst we switch to the new service, for up to 20 minutes.
This first step will be happening in the wee hours (2am BST), to minimise who would be inconvenienced by this.
Secondly, whilst the test is running, listing new items may take a while longer — this is because we’ll be running the current image handling code alongside the new service, for safety.
Thirdly, when the test is complete, we’ll need to go back into maintenance mode for around 20 minutes again to switch back to the current image handling. We’re not sure exactly how long the test will run for, but we’ll give warning before we go back into maintenance mode at the end of it.
Once again, thanks for bearing with us whilst we test things.

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