Folksy maintenance mode, 9:15am tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and increased listing latency

Hi — in order to test some new technology we will be using to improve listing times, we need to put the site into maintenance mode tomorrow at 09:15. This could be for up to half an hour.

These new technologies centre around how we handle images, so it is possible that there may be some issues with those tomorrow, too. One that we know of is that we’ll be running our current image handling system alongside a test version of the new one, so the speed of listing will be impacted, hopefully only in a small way — have you heard the old adage about things getting worse before they get better? 🙂

Once we are happy that the new technologies are interacting well with Folksy, we’ll pop back into maintenance mode (with some warning, obviously) and put the code back the way it is, now. This means that it will be at most for a few hours that listings may be slowed.

In the meantime, thanks for bearing with us.


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