Search index issues last night / this morning


As many of you will be aware, there was an issue with the search index running from last night into this morning.

This was caused by the search indices on our servers getting out of sync with each other, and was fixed this morning by restarting the index services and re-indexing all items. Some people have reported that updating their items fixed the problem – whilst this may have worked, this is no longer necessary, and the problem has been resolved for all users.

The search index technology is still relatively new to the Folksy stack (we put it in place just before this last christmas), and is still being actively developed and tuned.

We are currently upgrading all our se rvers to ensure they are running all the latest search-related packages, with the aim of making issues like the one that occurred last night a vanishingly rare event. Once these upgrades are in place, we will also be looking at improving our automated server checks and alerts, so that our development and support teams can be alerted to respond much more quickly to any future issues with the search indices, just as we currently are to server outages.

I hope this post answers some of the questions that our users undoubtedly have, and offer my apologies for any inconvenience that the search index issues caused.

Thanks for your patience,


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