Maintenance bug fixes, 2011/03/14

Hi — we’ve had some issues over the last couple of days, since we deployed the changes to the user registration process.

The two main issues that cropped up were:

  1. New users not being visible to the sellers they bought goods from.
  2. Some users getting recurrent error messages when they tried to validate their email address upon creation of their shops.


The first was a trivial fix to the code, and that has been put in place, now.

The second issue is a wrinkle with how older user data in Folksy interacted with the changes to the code. We will set a script running at midnight tonight that should take a few hours to complete, and that will ensure that we shouldn’t see the same issue again.

To anyone who has fallen foul of these bugs, we offer our apologies, and our thanks for your patience.

If there are any ongoing issues, then please don’t hesitate to report them to Folksy Support, who have been dealing with the queries generated by these bugs very effectively.




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