Scheduled maintenance, 12/11/2010 00:00

Hi — we’ll be applying some updates to the Folksy servers tonight at midnight (12th November, 00:00am).

There is the possibility of performance being affected for around half an hour to an hour afterwards, as a couple of the updates are to the database servers, and could run for a while.

I’ll update this post in the comments when the updates have run, and again after we’ve monitored things for a while and are happy that everything is as it should be.



2 thoughts on “Scheduled maintenance, 12/11/2010 00:00

  1. dougfolksy says:

    Hi — just a quick note to say that the updates have run & seem to be well, so far. I’ll keep an eye on things for a while, of course, but we’re good so far.

  2. dougfolksy says:

    Hallo, again. Just my final promised comment! The servers seem okay so far, so I’ll sign off on this post. Naturally, we’ll be monitoring, still, to see if there are any issues.

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