Fix for the items’ subcategories bug

Hi — we pushed out a fix tonight for the issue with items not remembering their subcategories when people were editing them.

This issue will potentially affect any items that have been edited since midnight Friday (01/10/2010 00:00) morning.

The issue arose when sellers were editing their items. When they got to the categories and subcategories page, the form there was not remembering what subcategory their item had been stored under originally. The subcategory *was* being saved when items were created, and would have been saved again when they were edited. If, however, the seller hadn’t spotted and corrected the error in the form, then the edited item would have been saved with the first subcategory in the drop-down list (which was most likely the wrong one).

Anyone who has edited one of their listings since midnight Friday morning should check to see if it is still listed under the correct subcategory (by going to edit the item and seeing what the subcategory is), and fixing it if it is wrong.

We’d like to offer our apologies for any inconvenience that this bug has caused, and would further like to thank the community for letting us know about it.

We believe that this fix fully addresses the problems that were being reported on the forums, but if anyone still has issues then please let our support people know about it, and we’ll get right on to investigating and fixing it.

And thankyou again, for both your patience and vigilance,


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