Service Unavailable

From approximately 16.30 until 19.40 today, clients may have had trouble connecting to the service.  This was due to problems that our hosting provider was having with upstream connectivity. These problems are being resolved at the moment and normal service should be resumed shortly as routing propagates.

Apologies for the time it’s taken for this to be announced here, our support staff were working remotely and whilst they were able to diagnose the issue, they were unable to post on this blog due to browser compatibility problems.  This has now been resolved.

Update 20.30 : The service came back online for a short period, however the routing problems seem to have occured again and removed access to the service.  We’re chasing with our hosting providers and will update here when we know more.

Update 21.15 : The service appears to have been restored for the last 20 minutes or so.  We’ve yet to have confirmatation from our hosting provider that the issues have been resolved however.  We’ll advise here when we receive that.

Update 22.20 : We’ve still yet to receive notification that all the issues are resolved but the service now appears to be stable.

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