Monthly fee notifications going out twice

Hi — our monthly fees generation task ran twice concurrently this month, sorry. This is because it was moved to a new, dedicated machine but still managed to run from the old location, too.

This means that some people will have received two notification emails, with at least one person reporting that the second email had no fees data in it.

It also meant that some people who paid their fees were seeing them as still unpaid in their dashboard for a brief period early this morning.

Nobody paid twice — that’s not possible.

We’ve fixed the issue, now, and everything is back to normal: those who paid can see that they have paid successfully and those that haven’t yet paid can do so normally.

We’re really sorry for any confusion the extra email will have caused anybody affected, and for any alarm caused when paid bills were showing as unpaid in the seller dashboard.

I hope the fact that we were able to fix things quickly helps.

Thanks so much to those sellers who let us know about the issue so quickly, and thank you everyone for your patience whilst we sorted it,



Issues with shop statistics

Hi — we’re having an issue where shop statistics are not updating until later in the day, so people checking yesterday’s stats in the morning are seeing zeroes.

This is due to an issue we’re currently investigating where some tasks that collate the data needed to see the shop stats pages is falling over.

The reason for the delay is that we are having to manually launch the task (quite a long-running task) in office hours once we’ve confirmed that it hasn’t run the night before.

As I said, investigation is ongoing — it’s proving to be a subtle bug!

In the meantime, we’re sorry about the delay in your stats updating. Please do be assured that we’re doing our level best to resolve the issue as expeditiously as we can.



Outage in the early hours of this morning

Hi — we had an outage in the early hours of this morning and were back up at around 7:30.

This was due to one of our main applications crashing and not restarting. I restarted it manually and we’re all working again.

The application was trying to restart itself as it should but obviously didn’t succeed — we’re looking into why.

Sorry to anyone who was inconvenienced and our thanks to everyone for bearing with us when we have these issues.



Maintenance mode 12:30am tonight (or just after midnight Thursday morning)

Hi — there have been a couple of issues with the image service lately so I’ll be taking the opportunity to give it some TLC tonight at half past midnight.

Unfortunately, to do this requires that the whole site goes into maintenance mode.

This should only be for around half an hour at the outside, and naturally I’ll keep you posted as to progress.

And in the meantime, thanks as ever for bearing with us when we undertake this essential work.



Folksy outage, 00:10

Hi — we’re just having an outage due to a server going down.

I’m working on a fix, now, and it should hopefully be sorted within 5-10 minutes.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


We’ve had some issues with our search provider

Hi — we’re experiencing a few outages due to issues with our search service provider.

Things look stable again, but there was a 10 minute window where some people may not have seen the site.

We’re now asking some pointed questions of our search provider!

Thanks for bearing with us, and our apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by any outage.



5 minute outage just now

Hello — sorry about the outage we just had. A deploy of some new code was the cause.

We rolled back as soon as we saw the issue and are investigating what in the new code caused the problem.

Our apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced,


Outage at 19:20 for around 8 minutes

Hi — we just had an outage that lasted around 8 minutes.

This was due to one of our key servers rebooting and not automatically becoming visible when it came back up.

We spotted the reason for the outage pretty quickly and fixed it as soon as we did, and we’re investigating why it occurred in the first place.

Our apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by this, and our thanks (as ever) to everyone for bearing with us as we addressed the issue.



Maintenance mode this morning at 07:45

Hi — we need to nip into maintenance mode this morning at 07:45. The plan is to quickly perform a few updates and then be done within 5 – 10 minutes.

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, of course.

Thanks for your patience whilst we undertake this work.


Emails getting blocked 18th December 2017

Hello — some sales notification emails were getting blocked today (actually yesterday, I’ve just spotted the time), sorry.

This was diagnosed as one of the email workers losing its connection to the database, and was fixed at around 18:00.

Since then I’ve been through the orders that were generated in the period where some emails weren’t being sent and have re-submitted them to the email workers.

This means that people should have now received any missing sales notifications. I think I managed to avoid re-sending any that had already been sent, but my apologies to anyone who received two notifications if I haven’t.

And, of course, my apologies to those people who received delayed sales notifications.